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Flow Frame

Super innovative Flow Frame – honey on tap

Flow™ Frame is an amazing innovation which allows you to tap honey from your hives without actually having to open the hives. It is literally honey on tap! They are launching the project on Kickstarter on the 23rd of February, so watch this space for more detail. How do the Flow™ frames work? The Flow frame […]

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Got milk? You don't need it!

Got milk? You don’t need it!

The USDA tells American kids to drink 3 servings of milk per day. Per capita, the US drink 9 times more milk than China. Average dairy consumption: 593 lbs per year. Average vegetables consumption: 428 lbs per year. But drinking milk IS NOT NATURAL. Consider this: 4% of adults have food allergies. Cow’s milk is the number one […]

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Stem rust and climate change

Weather is the most important driver in agricultural productivity. A farmer’s eye is always on the weather man, and his thoughts with the clouds, as rain remains pivotal for yields, especially in dryland areas. However, those keeping a close eye on the weather will agree that the weather sure seems warmer than it used to […]

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Are you smarter than a crow?

Crows are the intellectual badasses of the avian world. They have been regarded throughout history for their intelligence and new research continues to show how remarkable they really are. A new experiment designed by corvid expert Alex Taylor from the University of Auckland in New Zealand was set to be the most difficult puzzle the New Caledonian crows […]

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