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Simple Vegetable Garden Tips For Every Size Garden

Looking to add some extra color and nutrition to your meals this season? Try growing your own vegetables! Here are some growing tips for every size space… If you’re interested in creating a container garden, vegetables like cucumber, eggplant, and green onion are perfect candidates for this potted practice. Just make sure you avoid dark-colored […]

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Fertilizer Facts

What exactly is fertilizer? And, why do plants benefit from it? Fertilizer is simply a material added to soils or directly to plant tissues that contains nutrients essential to the growth and health of the plant. Usually, this means Phosphorous, Nitrogen, and Potassium. These basic elements are usually in the form of chemical compounds that […]

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Your Guide To The Right Mix Of Composting Materials

The key to quality composting is to get the right combination of nitrogen-rich (green) materials with carbon-rich (brown) materials. In the most nutritious compost heaps, carbon-to-nitrogen ratio is 30:1. We know you’re busy, so make keeping track of your materials-in easy. Print off this sheet of compostable green and brown materials. Then staple it to […]

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A Simple Soil Science Test

You can help your soil support your plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns by learning what it is made of. Testing your soil involves a simple do-at-home science experience that you can complete in an afternoon. Thanks to Kelly Roberson for her advice…  Like many gardeners, I tend to focus my efforts at ground level. […]

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