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A worker holds up fly larvae waiting to be harvested at the AgriProtein project farm near Cape Town.

South African Entrepreneur Making Millions From Maggots

Self-described Eco-Capitalist Jason Drew of AgriProtein is farming flies to feed the world, clean up waste, and make a mint in the process. When Jason Drew plunges his hand into a seething mass of 3-day old maggots, it is with the contentment of a farmer inspecting his thriving flock. His latest venture, AgriProtein, based in […]

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Farmspeak-Hybrid-Tractor copy

Hybrid Tractor Designed For More Efficient Farming In Uganda

In Kampala, a Makerere University research team unveiled a multi-purpose tractor to aid local crop cultivation. Uganda’s Makerere University recently revealed a multi-purpose tractor prototype at its Agricultural Research Institute. The tractor called MV Mulimi has been engineered to perform several functions aside from the standard ploughing and transporting of crops. Head of the project Professor […]

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Rotterdam’s Floating Forest

A floating forest will soon set sail in Rotterdam: Mothership’s ‘Dobberend Bos’ installation explores how people and nature coexist in an urban environment. In 2011, Colombian artist Jorge Bakker unveiled his In Search Of Habiust installation, which was comprised of a water tank filled with miniature buoys and model trees. Inspired by Bakker’s query of the […]

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South Africa’s Developing Solar Energy Landscape

Until a few years ago solar panels were a rare sight in South Africa, largely limited to the roofs of a few affluent households. This is changing rapidly, driven by three factors: the worldwide drive towards renewable energy, a highly strained local electricity supply, and a steady drop in solar panel prices. Taking the lead […]

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